hf99Welcome! Since 1967, we have been taking care of generations of Eastside children, one child at a time, 365 days a year.

For those times when something unexpected occurs, our Bellevue and Pine Lake clinics are open on weekends for illnesses and injuries that need to be seen the same day.

hf35We are dedicated to providing the best quality of care for those closest to you.

Prepare for your baby's arrival with a no cost visit to meet your child's future doctor.

cboy2 Edit RoundedAt Pediatric Associates, we are more than just your neighborhood clinic, we are your child’s medical home.

Our relationship with our patients is a family centered partnership founded on trust and open communication between the patient, doctor and parents. We believe in working together, with clear information and honest discussions, to arrive at the best decisions for your child's health care.

Test Image 1As a medical practice owned and operated by our pediatricians since 1967, we are committed to the children of our community and work to make sure that your child's needs come first.

No matter the changes in our healthcare environment, our mission continues to remain the same, to provide excellent medical care to infants, children and adolescents.

hf48We know that there is never a day off when you are a parent, so we are here when you need us.

We provide quality with convenience by offering same day appointments every day of the year, including weekends and all holidays, 24 hour nurse phone consultations, phone access to an on-call pediatrician overnight for urgent concerns, and care at Seattle Children's under the supervision of our pediatricians if hospitalization is needed.

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In The Community

2015 Community Award

Community Award

We were honored to receive the 2015 Community Award from Youth Eastside Services. An honor made even more significant by our very own Dr. Lee Vincent also receiving this award. As a founding member of Pediatric Associates, he has cared for generations of Eastside children before retiring and continues to stay active with the Pediatric Associates family.

Pediatric Reminders
Bellevue and Pine Lake are open on all weekends for Urgent Care by appointment.